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   Now that Spring is upon us, it’s time to start losing that Winter excess.  (Here’s a rewriting of my article first published in 2010.) There’s an old but true saying – that if you want to lose weight, “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.”

   Okay, so let’s start with the King’s breakfast. The ultimate cold-weather breakfast is cooked steel-cut oats. It will increase your body temperature lower your bad cholesterol, and “stick to your ribs,”  well into lunchtime.

On a weekend morning, I’ll make a batch that will provide about 5-6 large servings. It will only take a couple minutes to reheat a serving, during the work week. To reheat a portion,  put a few ounces of milk into a 2 quart saucepan and mix in the pre-cooked cereal that’s kept in an Oxo container (2.4 quart / 2.3 liter,) kept in the frig.

 Here’s how to cook Steel Cuts Oats:

1. Put 2 cups of organic steel cut oats into a 4 quart saucepan or pot.  (Cuisinart Multi-Clad or French 4 Quart Saucepans are highly recommended.)

2. Add about a teaspoon of Hain’s iodized sea salt.

3. Add 1/4 cup of flax seeds.

4. Add 1/2 bag (whole bag is 12 oz.) of Trader Joe’s Omega Trail mix (almonds, walnuts, salted pistachios, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries)

5. Add 8 cups of filtered water.

6. Put burner on high and stir.

7. When water begins to boil reduce heat to simmer (This means the lowest setting or flame height.) and stir again.

8. When it begins to bubble again turn off the burner and stir again. Let it sit for a while, (20-30 minutes) to let more water evaporate.

9. Stir one last time. It should be somewhat creamy. If not, let more water evaporate off. Now it’s ready to eat!

You can add any fresh fruit of your choice. Try sweetening with Grandma’s Original (Yellow Label) Molasses (high in iron) and Manuka Honey. It’s also good sweetened with clover honey or agave nectar. You will now have a breakfast that will stick to your ribs, easily lasting you up until lunchtime, and keep your body heat high.

During warmer months, try eating something like Fairway’s Pumpkin-Flax Seed Granola (fruit sweetened), with Horizon organic non-fat plain yogurt, and a ton of fresh organic fruit – berries, bananas, etc. Of course, there’s always the occasional steak and egg breakfast with fresh OJ. Remember, breakfast is the meal to eat like a King!

Lunch time is when you will eat what most people eat for dinner. Eat meat, fish, or poultry,  plenty of veggies, and carbohydrates…sometimes, even a dessert if there’s enough room. Eating a big meal in the middle of the day will give your body plenty of time to digest, so that the food isn’t lying around in the digestive tract all night. It will give your body time to rest, repair and replenish, instead of working hard to digest a recently eaten meal.

    Losing weight will be relatively easy once you discover this new way to eat. The final meal of the day has to be a light dinner. Yes, on certain occasions this can be difficult; dinner parties, banquet dinners, client dinners, etc. It’s okay to get off the program once in a while. It is not AA. Oh, speaking of drinking, whether dieting or not, you really don’t want to go over three drams a day. Moderation and temperance are essential. Alcohol is high in calories and will cause weight gain.

Back to dinner. In the evenings, if you find yourself running all over town, use the bonus card from Hale and Hearty Soups. Have a small soup with a piece of bread and butter. In the warmer months, eat a huge salad for dinner. Chop up a whole head of romaine, julienne or use the peeler on a carrot, or whatever is around. Finally, you can grate some of your favorite cheese on top and then drizzle olive oil and balsamico. Make sure that this salad fills you up – not too much cheese and no croutons. From dinnertime up until bedtime, drink as much water as you want.

Most New Yorkers walk quite a bit. Leave enough time to walk to your next destination rather than take a taxi, bus or subway. It’s good to do some yoga and light stretching, the first thing in the mornings. Try to move those bones every chance you get.

Keep in mind that progress will be slow, but it will be steady.  It’s not good to lose weight too fast. It puts too much strain on the heart. Remember, patience is essential. Enjoy your life!

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