What I’ve Learned About Sales From My Dog


scooter in park

Scooter in Central Park



Scooter is a 2-year-old Boston Terrier. He was named in honor of the late Yankee shortstop and commentator, Phil Rizzuto. Just like Phil, he is exuberant, friendly, and happy.

Each day, We hike in Central Park, NYC. These treks have provided a good look into this little guy’s modus operandi.

One day, it occurred to me that Scooter naturally has all of the necessary attributes for becoming a great salesman, if only he could talk!

Please enjoy the following allegory.

 Scooter is always:

– Scooter is always enthusiastic to see me. His enthusiasm makes me feel good. It similarly makes me welcome his company.

– Scooter is always thoroughly working his steak bone until every bit of meat, marrow, and juice is consumed.  He then keeps it in his hideaway so that he can return to it in the future and clean his teeth.

– Scooter is always willing to go out-and-about to meet new dogs and people.

– Scooter is always receiving compliments with enthusiasm. This makes me want to compliment him even more, maybe even give him a treat!

– Scooter is always willing to selflessly approach every dog and greet them with friendliness.

– Scooter is always willing to let them sniff what he has to offer and is eager to get a whiff of what they have to offer.

– Scooter is always willing to wrestle with even the largest of dogs. He is never intimidated.

– Scooter is always seeing himself like a big dog; where no dog is too big to mount, even though he’s; let’s just say, diminutive.

– Scooter is always alert and attentive to what he hears and sees around himself.

– Scooter is always wanting to know what’s going on and what’s new.

– Scooter is always willing to sniff about to find something interesting.

– Scooter is always marking out his territory, each day; both the usual spots and some new ones.  He likes to maintain and keep those claimed markings fresh and is always sniffing for that next new spot to mark out.

– Scooter is always receiving his daily rations with enthusiasm and gratitude. He’s happy for what he has and acts like he’s being taken care of by a higher power; me 😉  Yes, he never acts desperate or dissatisfied.

– Scooter is always acting like there’s nothing he needs but is willing to accept more.

– Scooter is always following me into the kitchen, first in line, for that next opportunity.

– Scooter is always ready to rest and relax. He likes to replenish himself so that he has boundless energy for the next up-tempo walk.

– Scooter is always playful and good-humoured. He’s hard not to like.

– Scooter is always enjoying the next bath. He loves to smell fresh and clean, proud to look his best!

– Scooter is always loving to sing along, but not too loud, with my horn playing or my wife’s singing. He loves to be a part of our musical conversation without ever taking it over. He also likes just to listen to us.

– Scooter is always available to comfort me when I’m sad.

– Scooter is always trying to understand what I’m saying, even if, according to you know who, I don’t know what I’m talking about.

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