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New York City, one of our nation’s most densely populated cities, is home to so many lonely and isolated people. Feeling disconnected can have a powerful effect on anyone’s well-being.

“Oh, but to have a friend who is always exuberant to see me, who listens to my woes without offering advice, who always wants to accompany my walks in Central Park, who never phones with problems or complaints, who never makes suggestions of what I should do next, who never talks politics” Oh, snap! You saw the picture. We have one! – Scooter, our Boston Terrier.

If you live in an apartment, which most New Yorkers do, you could certainly find a Boston Terrier to be the perfect dog. They have a great capacity for love and devotion for their human peeps. They don’t bark when you leave the apartment or when someone is outside your door. (This keeps away the noise complaints, which we have yet to receive and probably never will.) They don’t take up much – space because they only get to a max of 30 pounds. They don’t shed much at all and are easy to bath.

Most dogs have to go out to relieve themselves a minimum of three times per day, Hey, it will get you out and moving. Get out of that easy chair and move those bones! When you take them outside, you will find that they are happy-playful dogs who get along, quite well, with people and other dogs. They love children! Scooter is tireless on long walks and brings many a smile. He’s an instant conversation maker, for most owners, but especially with other Boston owners. It’s a real ice-breaker for all you single folks. And, what a hoot when two Bostons get together to wrestle!

Nap Time!

Yes, everyone needs to feel loved and have someone, or something, to love. After all, dogs have feelings, too! Scooter brings much delight to our family and now he’s considered a member. We’re renting a house this coming summer, up in Massachusetts. The primary requirement was that we could bring Scooter.

I’ve heard that dog owners who live alone will live longer than those who don’t. This is understandable. Feeling loved, on a daily basis, is an essential ingredient for our mental health and happiness.

If you’ve been feeling alone and isolated, perhaps having a little guy or gal like Scooter around will cheer you up, help you to not feel so lonely and apart, It’s helped me; maybe it would help you?

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James Finn

Author: James Finn

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