The Best Places in NYC to Meet Quality Singles

attractive wEvery day New York singles are out and about, living their lives in this bustling city.

Many of the most interesting, dedicated, and inspiring people in the world come to live and make their dreams come true in our great city. They are people who not only have to do the typical mundane tasks of daily life, but they are also vibrant personalities engaged in interesting hobbies, passions, and activities.

Here are some ideas of places where you might bump into someone fascinating and make a spark. Don’t try too hard, be yourself. The people who you are looking to meet will notice you if you are living in your truth and power. Carpe Diem!

1. Sotheby’s live auctions or any live auction

2. Community Service Projects

3. Political campaigns

4. On the sidewalk, while walking the dog. Yes, cute dogs are definitely conversation starters!

5. Laundromats

6. Dance classes

7. Church or synagogue coffee hours

8. Art Exhibit Openings

9. Book signings

10. Open-mic Poetry readings

11. Open-mic Folk music

12. Any long line – banks, tickets, shopping, concert, etc.

13. Fitness Clubs

14. Out-of-town day or field trips

15. Dog-Run Parks

16. Non-credit classes

17. Volunteer work at soup kitchens

18. Lunchtime eateries in Midtown

19. Wine tastings

20. Various clubs – bike, dog, bird watching, chess, bridge, etc

21. Martial Arts Dojos

22. Street Fairs

23. Book Stores

24. Flea Markets

25. Crafts Fairs

26. Rock Climbing at Chelsea Piers

27. Ferry Rides

28. Historical or Educational Site Tours

  * For single parents, you can add:

29. Playgrounds

30. Any activity you accompany your child; dance classes, little league, art classes, orchestra rehearsals, etc.

31. PTA meetings

* Remember, this is all about chance meetings with cool people. If you’re some yahoo on the prowl, you will most likely fail every time. Be yourself and remember that you’re lovable, too. Enjoy this life!

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