Why Every Child Needs an iPad

imageWe all know that kids love tech. Our daughter’s favorite possession is her iPad. She has a desktop and a laptop. Soon, she’ll be getting my iPhone 5s.

Technology is here to stay. It makes our lives easier and facilitates learning. Some private schools are now accessorizing their students with iPads to support student-teacher communication and the educational process. Tech and the internet have created multiple spin-off industries. But, wait, there’s more…

Some of us, unfortunately, know first-hand how damaging corporal punishment is for children. It diminishes self-esteem and can cause even worse issues. Yelling and screaming at our kids can also have the same psychological effect.

Children will always test us. No, they are not possessed by the devil! Testing their’s and our limits is an essential aspect of them defining; themselves, their boundaries, and place in the world. Whether they rebel consciously or unconsciously, it will invariably be an on-going issue for us.

Relax; it’s healthy. They need to do this! In the end, it will only make them stronger and more independent adults. But, this can surely take its toll on us!

There’s a new and healthier way to assert our power and influence as parents. It’s a modern approach to show them how to establish personal boundaries – by standing up and establishing our own. How?

Yes, you guessed it! …by removing their one possession that they cherish more than anything else in the world; their iPad! The more that our children become attached to their technology, the mightier the leverage is for disciplining them. (Please, don’t take this the wrong way. I’m not advocating to go out and buy tech for your children just so that you can take it away as punishment – that would be mean and twisted. Simply, it works for us. Our daughter responds well to this form of punishment. And, one couldn’t ask for a sweeter kid. The proof is in the pudding!)

It sure is better than many other forms of discipline.  While she is on the reprieve from her iPad, she often finds other sources of enrichment to replace it, such as; reading, drawing, or playing the piano and singing. During these periods, my wife and I will agree that this has been such a productive time for her. Regardless, when she has done her penance, she is quick to remind us.

If only my dad knew how important my baseball glove was to me. He could have saved himself from elevating his blood pressure.

Yes, there’s no need to get excited, just calmly say, “Son, we’ve talked about this before. You know that you have crossed the line…that’s gonna cost you two days without your iPad.” And, if that doesn’t work…

…”Oh, I see that the removal of the iPad wasn’t effective…now, there’s no iPhone for a week!”

(Our daughter loves sweets, riding her bicycle in Riverside Park, and play-dates. Those are more things we could use as leverage. Hmm.)

Yes, the more tech they have, the more leverage. I just recently purchased a Canon Powershot to take better photos for the website. Our daughter pointed out that there happens to be 1080p high-def video recording with this camera, also.

She loves posting her book reviews on YouTube but has been recording at 720p. You guessed it again. “Sure honey, you can use my camera whenever you want!” 😉


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James Finn

Author: James Finn

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