Circle and Spear is a new online magazine conceived on February 23, 2015.

The idea of this virtual rag, an elaborate illusion of binary code, is to present material that will enhance your life, and maybe coax a chuckle from time to time.

It’s named Circle and Spear rather than a blog after my own name because there are still hopes of this becoming an outlet for other writers.

Being a self-taught writer plunging into the craft, I am guilty of a quirky writing style framed in the occasional grammatical error. Correct application of the English language has always been a weakness; one that I’m finally working to rectify. I must have been daydreaming during those classes; blame it on those halter-tops and hot-pants! …squinting modifiers and dangling participles…unnecessary ellipses…

You will see wordiness faux pas, too. I look at it like this: if Thomas Jefferson and Einstein can write these; then so can we mere mortals, from time to time. Or is it, from time to time, so can we?

A friend’s dad, who was a gifted artist and thinker, proclaimed he was “just the dirt under Leonardo DaVinci’s finger nail.” This expression, as was he, is so colorful that I never forgot it. Unlike him, I can’t claim that honor; though I have always had many interests.

I don’t have fancy credentials after my name, just a Masters Degree in Music. So, according to some, I’m not qualified to write about anything.  But, one thing that I did learn from teaching at a few colleges is that often the more letters someone has after their name, the less they know about anything.

“There are no answers, only questions.”

– Alan Parsons Project

Or, was it Socrates?

The little that I know, or think I know, comes from being the eldest of eleven children, a husband, a dad, a teacher, a musician, a business owner, and a curious and observant Manhattanite. I’ve learned to trust the advice of parents with great kids over a famous child psychologist who appears on TV all the time who has messed up kids. (Now, they’re all angry with me!)

Friends ask how I come up with ideas for topics. Well, that’s the fun and mysterious part. I wait and watch for them to spring from life’s moments. It’s as spontaneous and naked as that.

A good example is the recent: “Finding Your Stride: Inspirations From American Pharoah.” Finding Your Stride

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James Finn

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